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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Science does it again!

Science digs up so many vital bits of information that you might wonder what we would know if it wasn't for science... and the funding that we provide for these critical studies that brings such vital information to us. Now we're pretty sure that giraffes can swim--if they want to-- even though no one has ever seen a giraffe swim. Why knowing that is important is beyond me... except maybe it will be a question on the new version of Trivial Pursuit.

When a giraffe's weight, body surface, natural buoyancy, muscle mass, etc. was calculated and put into a computer for extensive analysis, it proved giraffes can swim... theoretically. We also have evidence that some crazy giraffes were found on an island surrounded by deep water while trying out for a part in Lost, so those tall buggers can either swim, or fly.

But now, thanks actual photos found on the website Naked Forum, giraffes can not only swim but water ski and fly! And, by God, we are better off knowing this than not.

Thanks Naked Forum for making our lives richer.

If you want to see what giraffes actually do around water, watch this 56 second video:

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