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Friday, January 25, 2019


What is wrong with us? Why are we always mad? 

Road rage incidents have increased 600% since 2006 and 8 million of us have admitted that they have played a part. Much of that is extreme "one on one" by many who... ahem... lead rather normal-seeming lives but are quick to rise to the challenge when finding a cause.

If you have an ear for the news, shootings of every kind are prevalent and on the increase. Every 'stranger' is suspicious. Politics are discussed with boxing gloves, either figuratively or literally. Approval of our Congress is in the low 20-percentages and neither political party has a majority approval.

President Trump gained traction when he negatively implied. "What have you got to lose?" We didn't accept that the answer was "Everything it took us in 240 years to achieve." (ed.note: It was the implication that we were already, colloquially, 'in the toilet' that I find problematic... the saying's context and premis.)

Bah! Humbug!
If Scrooge were alive, he would say "Bah! Humbug! And he'd be right. Out of season, but right.

Ya'know, I haven't had the feeling that I could pat Congress on the back for much lately but, I find that body remarkable--though disagreement runs deep--that cordiality among members with different beliefs, is formally decent, if rigid at times. I guess the closer you are tot he action, the more you appreciate that it is a human being on the other side too.

Seems many of us forgot that... or are too crude to care.

The reality is that,--by a VAST MAJORITY--we are incredible, caring people, willing to help our neighbor when asked or needed. The stories of good run deep, but they are not the news makers. Sadly, it is the minority that most affects the feelings of the world we live in. We are, it is written,
 "... the land of the free, and the home of the brave." We should proudly live up to our heritage more often.

Oh,and one more very important fact we should dwell on most heavily... we are the richest, freest, luckiest-by-circumstance country in the world. I think we should act like it. You do know the ones who gave the most to get us where we are today, don't you? The natural native Americans crowded beyond belief by us, the immigrants--with and without papers--who all helped build  this place. We were... and are... the people at the gate!

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