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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Guessing Game

How many times have you seen 'Its A Wonderful Life?' Me? Probably 23 or so. The movie turns when Uncle Billy, on a mission to deposit the money owed Mr. Potter, misplaces his deposit wallet. It is found by the evil-minded Potter who does not return it. BOO!

In Canada recently, a man on his way to the bank with $10,000 in cash in a similar wallet, forgot to zip it closed. A gust of wind ripped it away from him, scattering the bills everywhere.

Frantic, he hollered for help. Immediately, motorists and pedestrians scrambled to scoop cash from traffic, under cars, down the street. Impossible.

So, how much was recovered and how much found the pockets of others on the chase?

Answer: Every single dollar was recovered and returned! Not a Mr. Potter in the bunch... just a lot of human beings doing what most of us would do naturally.

Isn't it nice to hear a story like this once in a while?

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  1. Yea, that was a nice thing to hear about. I recall about 15 years ago I changed in the washroom at the end of my shift at work. I forgot 70-odd dollars in bills on the ledge above the sink. I returned about 10 minutes later and it was gone...a number of people had used it after me and the money was never heard of again. A sad life lesson.