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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

World records are made to be broken

There seems to be a mania for world records. In today's world, a world record, which used to be as elite as first person to climb Mt. Everest or most points scored in a basketball game, has become more... er, trivialized. There seems to be a world record for anything and everything. And if there isn't one that has yet been thought of, then make one up and do it. Who needs the Guiness book to authenticate when we have Youtube. For example:
  • The world record for most T-shirts worn by one person at the same time is 155. (See this on Youtube... along with millions more.)
  • The world record for the longest human-mattress domino chain is 41, set by employees on mattresses at Bensons for Beds in the UK. (On Youtube, of course.)
  • Joey Chestnut holds the world hot dog eating record... 59.5 in 12 minutes.
  • At the Swimming World Championships a few weeks ago, there were 43 world records set... in only 40 events! (That damn new streamlined swimsuit. What's wrong with shaving all the hair on your body?) Not only that but the meet itself set a world record for the most world records in one event.
  • Ashrita Furman holds the world record for holding the most world records... 100, including fastest mile walked while balancing a pool cue on your finger, slicing 26 apples in one minute with a Samari sword, walking 80 miles with a bottle of milk on your head, pushing a car 17.06 miles in 24 hours and many more equally as imaginative.
  • But my favorite was set by Timo Kaukonen who became the world sauna champion by staying in a 230-degree sauna for a world record time of 226 seconds... almost 4 minutes! All I can say is, nice tan, Timo.

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