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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Who said "You have to be smarter than the aaaverage bear." ?

No, that’s not a typo… that’s an inflection. It’s the way Yogi Bear would have said it to BooBoo Bear after outwitting the forest ranger to steal yet another picnic basket in the old Hanna-Barbara Saturday morning cartoon. If you can hear him say it in your mind the way he said it then, you are probably 40-ish plus… and good for you.

 Well anyhow, Yogi lives! No, not the cartoon bear, but Yellow-Yellow, the 125 lb black bear in the Adirondacks. This bear, so named because of its two yellow identifier tags in one ear, has figured out how to crack the latest, updated, unopenable bear safe that campers, hikers, etc. use in ursine areas to keep food safe from foraging bears.

 In field tests, the bear safe has survived rigorous zoo testing and 1,000 lb grizzly attacks in Yellowstone and was certified impenetrable.

Enter little Yellow-Yellow.

 The safe is designed so well that it takes two separate simultaneous push-clicks and twists to open… something even some humans had trouble mastering. But when Yellow-Yellow smelled the food, she figured it out. Holding the ‘safe’ between her legs, she used both paws to ‘push-click’… twice, while twisting the lid with her mouth. Bingo!

 And if you think that isn’t something, then this will blow your mind: she taught other bears to do it too.

 What do you think of that, BooBoo?

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