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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lots of stuff out there...

... which only proves my blog has it right... it IS nuts out there. The Week magazine usually has some fine examples:

  • A Florida bank wouldn't cash a check drawn on his wife's accout for a man who had two photo IDs. Bank demands a thumbprint for identification. HELLO! The man has no arms. He wears prosthetics. Oh well. Rules is rules.
  • Bob Dylan is working on a Christmas album. Songs included are "O Little Town of Bethlehem" and "Here Comes Santa Claus." There goes the image.
  • Cuba will run out of toilet paper before year-end. (True.) Emergency exports are a distinct possibility. That and tree leaves, I guess.
  • A Florida city employee was threatened with job suspension or firing because she failed to say "Hello" to the mayor as the two passed in the hallway.
  • A high school football coach used a school bus after practice to take nine of his team to his Baptist church where they were baptised without the parents permission.
  • A comedian is being sued by her mother-in-law for telling mother-in-law jokes.
  • Brad Pitt just built a gerbil home for his children's pets. It features tunnels, bridges and seesaws as you may expect. It only cost him $82,000. Report says his children were delighted... to say nothing of the gerbils. I wonder if Angela knows this? Meanwhile, I'll bet those homeless living under bridge overpasses are wondering why gerbils live better than they do. (If it is of any consolation, homeless folks, at least you don't run the risk of another gerbil biting off your head.)
  • After a dinner-date, a Michigan man, upon receipt of the check, needed to borrow his girl friend's car keys. Seems he left his wallet on her car seat. Not only did he leave her stuck with the bill, he stole her car. So much for going too far on the first date.
  • A Missouri high school marching band had to change their matching T-shirts. The shirts depicted brass instruments evolving into one another over the slogan, 'Brass Evolutions.' The shirts drew complaints from religious conservative parents. "If the shirts had said "Brass Resurrections" and had a picture of Jesus on the cross we would have done the same thing," said a spokesperson. Hmm, somehow, I can't picture that "Brass Resurrections' T-shirt being something a marching band would do.

See. I told you It's Nuts out There.

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