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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Does the name Titiya Plucksataporn ring a bell?

I really didn't make it up... and I'm pretty sure I spelled it right. She is a professional woman golfer from Thailand. Actually, different cultures, different sounds. We do, however, all share Uranus, or, as they say in France, something else.

All this to lead into the latest from baby-naming experts Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz and their list of the top baby names for 2019... as if we can hardly wait.

By the way, what constitutes a baby naming expert?  I know:

Linda has a Ph.D from Harvard in Baby Namology and drinks tea with her little finger extended. Pamela, on the other hand, has 29 children.

Anyhow, in less than 10 years, these two say we will all be naming our newborn girls Ava, Amelia, Ella, Violet, Lila, Grace, Ruby, Matilda, Harper and Evelyn. 

The boys will be Ethan, Aiden, Milo, Charlie, Oscar, Ryder, Cash, River, Kai and Maximus.

Apparently Joacamo, Drucilla and Bruce have fallen out of favor.

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