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Thursday, May 15, 2014

The Magic Shoes revisited: An old story with a new twist... the 2014 US Open golf championships for BOTH men and women are here this year, back to back! And what is more important than golf?

The Magic Shoes
I went to dinner with an old friend last night. He is crafty and wise, semi-witty and weird... good qualities for a friend. But the fact that he was magic caught up with me somewhere between dessert and cognac.

"Jerry, I know you have a good heart," he said, "and I have always believed good hearts need to be rewarded from time to time. So I want you to have these" He presented me with a box that simply read Calzature Collezione.

"I don't understand," I said.

"Literally translated, that means magic shoes."

One of the reasons I have always liked Steve is that he is so... so worldly. He knows all the languages."

"Gosh, they really are good looking." And, as I discovered, "They fit perfectly."

"Of course," he smiled smugly.

"But... but what, Steve, is the magic?"

He smiled with satisfaction. "With these shoes, you may have one wish... for anything.  Really anything. You may use that wish to save the world, feed the hungry, cure the sick, stop global warming, have a congress that works... whatever. Just lace them tight, click your heels together three times and make a wish. But be careful... you only have one wish."

I thought and thought... then we had another cognac... and another.  Two hours later, still pondering, we were kicked out of the restaurant so the help could close and go home.

That night, I couldn't bear to take my magic shoes off, they were so beautiful... so I slept in them... and I had a dream... a wonderful dream.  You know how some dreams seem so real, it's almost as if you are awake.  I could see myself and my magic shoes.  I had dreamed my destiny.

I woke to a real surprise... the sheets on the bed were ripped to shreds. My poor loving wife's legs were cut and bloodied. As I put my beautiful shoe-covered feet on the floor, I noticed they gouged our hardwood with every step I took on my route to the bathroom.

Then it dawned on me... MAGIC HAD HAPPENED! My magic shoes had created my dream. The world be damned... I was a scratch golfer, spikes and all! I was Golf Emperor of the World!

I should call to thank Steve for this wonderful gift, but I have an 8:15 tee-time... with barely enough time to kiss my wife who is jumping up and down with... happiness for me, I think.

I'll wow the guys with these fancy new magic shoes... and my new golf knickers, golf shirt and golf underwear which came with them. I didn't see the clothes at first... Steve told me that only the pure of heart can actually see them... then, of course, I did.

YES! The Golf Emperor has new clothes too!

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