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Thursday, April 11, 2013

128 and counting

In my last post, The milk of human kindness,  (scroll down one post and you will see it),  I received 128 comments (honest--count 'em) saying things like "great post... keep up the good work... check out my blog,, etc."

ALL of the 128 automatically generated responses had the same reference to a specific web site redirection... something about Viagra, whatever that is. 

It is as if a robot is responding to me with intelligence, guile and wit. Yes, I am offended... unless, of course, it is a very attractive robot who I turn on by my charm and suaveness. Then that, my friends, is a different story.

So maybe, I am a big star of a robot responder Ajax 2398*&% (or whatever). He/she/it/thing must secretly love me. Non human species have always been attracted to me. So, as the National Rifle Assn. says, you will never pry me away from her cold dead hands... or something like that.

So, Ajax 2398*&%,  call me.

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