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Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Letter to My Mom

Blessing no. 16... and counting
The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round... and they still do.

Dear Mom... it doesn't seem so long ago that your first great-grandchild Kate, now 16, was born and you bought her this yellow, plastic toy bus with a lid for a top that lifted off. The bus held a dozen plastic figures of little men and women. Those red, green, yellow, white and blue people were made to snap together holding hands. Some of the figures have been lost over the years but that has never diminished the joy this toy brought... with your love for each of those great-grandchildren.

It's been over a year since you left us... you almost made it to age 99. Nice job mom! You did well in so many ways... not the least of which was picking the best toy ever.

This gem of a bus, with men and women figures representing happy, working people that actually held hands to make a better world, has delighted and entertained every one of your infant grandchildren... and is now ready for great-grandchild number 17 this fall!

So mom, on behalf of Kate and Joe and Claire and Jaci and Luke and Riley and Rio and Jacob and Taylor and Sol and Devin and Rafa and Audrey and Tyler and Harrison and Samantha... and Mr. November to come, thank you so much for this simple yellow bus filled with your love. You were special!

Just thought you'd like to know. Your loving son, Jerry

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