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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

How many bricks to a gallon?

Illustration A

 In California, the drought is so bad that my favorite sister in San Rafael had to put another brick in her toilet.

That makes five now. It just breaks her heart how the bricks scratch the porcelain bowl as they swirl counter clockwise into the sewer with each flush. And at today's price of bricks, going too often could break the bank, she tells me.

Hey sis, I think you're putting them in the wrong place. See illustration A above.

OK, serious now. With almost 3/4ths of the earth covered in water, how come some have too much and some too little?

The Pacific Ocean from as seen from space
One of the most amazing things I ever saw was this shot of the Pacific Ocean from space. WOW! With four more oceans left to fill the rest of the hemisphere we don't see, where will we find room for land?

While the Earth's surface is 71% water... and more than two miles deep in the Pacific's Mariana Trench (which is 1,580 miles long and 43 miles across--take that, Grand Canyon) water is only .025% of the Earth's mass. If Earth was represented as a 12" diameter globe, the average depth of the oceans would be no more than the thickness of a piece of paper.

 So while the water on earth might seem an endless resource, there is far more earth... with a thirst that all the oceans haven't been able to resolve. Fact: There are 2.5 billion human beings of our 7 billion population-- more than one out of three of us-- who lack ready access of clean water to drink... and they just die--literally--trying to quench their thirst.

Wanna see something that helps defines the conundrum? Actor Matt Damon and Gary White founded . Watch their 2:50 minute video. Then ask yourself: If more than 1 out of 3 of us are living day-to-day for their next drink, are we, as sated human beings, ok with that?

And no, we cannot all move to Canada. It is important that we recognize we are the "haves" and that comes with responsibilities.

"If we are not our brother's keeper, at least let us not be his executioner."
Marlon Brando

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