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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

NO THIS IS NO REPEAT EVEN THOUGH THIS WAS THE PHOTO I USED IN MY LAST BLOG POST: That little synovial cyst I told you about Monday was no laughling matter, as it turned our.

It (the cyct) had the extra added attraction of an neural bleed that kind of messed things up. The Doctor, A West Point grad who spent lots of time at Ft. Bragg helping paratrooper's back issues, said this was on of the biggest he has seen... and who better to know that?

So I'm home now bragging about the cure and cussing the pain but (so far) I have lived and had the greatest of care.

It scared me really, the sciatic pain I suffered led to a muscle weakness on my outer right thigh which could have become permanent if untreated. And I love to run with my dogs.

So I got into the hospital immediately and after my morning appointment with Dr. Daniel Williams. "Surgery tonight," he said,  this after his full day in the office. The thought of someone messing with my spine in a way that could alter my life scared me.

The pain though, is from the surgery, not the pain that caused it... and what a relief.

The best part, after the good news, of course, it that while I was waiting for the surgery, I was given a "little shot to help take the edge off." next instant, I was waking up among those who did the job talking about how great it was... and I thought, "was?" How easy was that.

The surgical pain was strong but deed was done. Officially, I can now play the piano. Watch out Jerry Lee Lewis... or Dianna Krall because I still can't raise my leg as high as Jerry Lee can... and Dianna Krall is better... and prettier... and married a non-blood relative older.

Rehab will get me back to where I was... an avid blogger with at least 35 relatives... er readers who's lives depend on every word I write, or spirit me to the top of my blogging profession like I have just written something so dramatic it made everyone who read it cry. See The Everywheist by Geraldine who had a brain tumors she named Steve... now that's the way to start a blog... and it really is a great blog about her battle with the tumor (which she won) and her travel with the love of her life, Rand. It is worth your time. She has millions of readers. She'll never know I wrote this because who will tell her, but I like her non-the-less.

Now I know two things for sure: This epic battle of mine with a Cyst named Cyd will never do better that a brain tumor named Steve, but a guy's got to start somewhere... maybe next time with a toe named Timmy (which is a cute name for a toe that was bruised 6 months ago and has almost grown out to where I can cut it off. I'll certainly miss Timmy but hey, whatdayagonadoo. You can't stop progress. (Backstory: Timmy will eventually became the next Steve ToeJobs who invented the Itoe Shoe Watch Computer Phone which will be manufactured in Italy where they will actually work with a toe. Only one drawback I can think of, it's a toe, for God sake... but a toe with six years of battery life!) See, there is always something that can be made of anything.

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