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Saturday, May 4, 2019

North Carolinians brag they have the best barbeque in the land. THEY DON'T!

While it is true that NC barbecue is good--and I know because I live there--I personally know where the barbecue king lives... and it ain't North Carolina.

Pork Shoulder and Brisket
The King of Barbecue lives in--you'll never guess it--SEATTLE.

And why should that be such a surprise? Seattle has so many great things going for it, logic almost dictates the world's greatest barbecue has to be made there.

After 12+ hours, Almost ready
Pulled pork done best ever
Seattle is: (take deep breath here) America's most educated city with more than half of its 675,000 residents holding college degrees, its Columbia City zip code residents speak 59 different languages making it the most diverse in the nation, residents commute by bus (an incredible much used network of routes), bike--every bus has a bike rack on its front bumper, 24 hour ferry service, walking, running, Ubering, etc, recycles everything recyclable by garbage pick-ups twice a week at your curb and fines for those who don't recycle, has an architects dream main library with 26 branches catering to 80 percent of the residents who hold active library cards and can deliver books ordered by
computer and every other method to the closest pick-up locker or facility, has less rain, more mist it seems, than Chicago, Miami and three other cities, its average temperature, year-round is from the low 40s to the high 70s, is so green with foliage and rich with city-wide sculptures and art...

... And it is the home of the King of Barbecue! (Thank you Terry for the best in taste ever: pulled pork in bite-size chunks, brisket that has no equal, beans cooked with the drippings plus an infusion of the pulled pork, personally made white and red sauces--as if they were needed--and fresh Hawaiian roles. I suffered the cures of great food... getting full before it was all eaten.

Couldn't have been better.

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