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Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well yes. Yes it is. Two weeks before Halloween (October 31st, remember?) I saw my first "Season's Greetings" billboard bedecked in seasonal red and green garland. Now I dearly love the Christmas season but even Santa doesn't believe it starts before Halloween. Scrooge me, I don't even believe it starts before Thanksgiving. Does it seem to you that all the world is in a hurry to "get on with it?"

Enough! Time to get into the Halloween candy, grab myself a "Slow-poke," find my "bankie" with the silk edging and curl up in the corner for maybe my last moments of inner peace til January. 


  1. Ohh, I know, right?! It is so aggravting to see all that Christmas junk so early in the fall... and really, even when it gets to be December, it still kind of bugs me. A Christmas themed episode of My Name is Earl is on right now, and there's fahlalalala-ing in the background as I type this. Ha!