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Friday, February 13, 2009

How can you not like dumb crooks?

Guy in Indiana was not responding to his girlfriend when she asked him a question... so she dropped his bowling ball on his head... twice! Why twice? Well, duh... she had to pick up the spare.

A man with multiple arrests and convictions tried again to rob a bank. He pushed a note to the teller saying "This is an up." The teller said, "Huh?" But wait: Before the judge, he was asked to write, "This is a stick-up" 10 times so officials could compare the handwriting. He wrote, 10 times in a row, "This is an up."

A good citizen/motorist called 9-1-1 to report that the truck in front of him was swerving all over the road. When police arrived, they determined it wasn't the truck that was swerving, it was our good citizen/DUI driver.

And, in honor of Friday the 13th:

First Dumb Crook: The cops are coming. Let's jump out the window.
Second DC: But we're on the 13th floor.
First DC: This is no time to be superstitious.

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