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Friday, February 13, 2009

Re: Airplane crashes and other tragedies

It is hard to imagine a more dramatic photo of the aftermath of last night's commuter plane crash in a Buffalo neighborhood that killed 50 people. It is so telling of that disaster.

Have you noticed how spectacular the horrible photos of burning houses, tornado-ravaged neighborhoods, forests ablaze, flood waters causing havoc, earthquakes, ravages of war, etc. are? It is hard to imagine the total devastation, often in milliseconds, of things we put so much of our lives into. It really never hits home though, until you see the pictures of the people.

The catastrophe is an event. We are in awe of the catastrophe. But until we are shown the people remaining, and their efforts to deal with unspeakable grief, that our emotions are fully in place. They are like us... except for... It is then when the real effect of the tragedy reaches our hearts.

Today's world seems to have more than its share of hard edges... or maybe it is the ever-broadening media that makes it seem that way. By nature, we still ache for the happy ending and cheer when a plane lands in the Hudson, heroes emerge and all survive. We hurt when circumstances/fate don't allow it.

Thanks God, for the good endings. Watch after those who haven't that pleasure.

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