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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Betty or Veronica? Archie, don't be a Jughead.

Can you believe it? Archie Andrews is getting married. Well, maybe that's not the most surprising thing. The eternal teen-ager and his pals should be about ready to collect social security in human years.

It is who he is marrying that is the shocker. VERONICA LODGE!

Arch, are you crazy? Betty Cooper has loved you forever and you never saw it. She is the one who has carried your books, covered for you whenever necessary and done everything you ever asked. Even though you have broken her heart dozens of times, she is nuts about you. I even see little hearts floating in the air when she looks at you.

You fell for the flirt, you sap. Veronica is conceited and fickle. She uses you like a puppet. And, of course, she is rich... which never seemed to affect you one way or another. Betty is like your puppy... loyal and loving through thick and thin. You are Veronica's man-servant. She waves a finger, you come. Don't you get it?

Oh well... not my life.

Arch will ask Jughead Jones to be his best man. Veronica, in an ironic twist of human nature, will ask Betty to be her Maid of Honor. At least, that is the way it is laid out for Archie Comics issue number 600, on sale Sept. 1.

But that is just the tease. The question still remains: will Archie come to his senses in time? Want more? Check it out at

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