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Monday, June 20, 2011

Finally... A political figure that sets a good example!

Did you ever see a better mug shot than this one of John Edwards? How come more hardened criminals--and others charged and indicted--don't take more pride in how they look for the public?

ATTENTION ALL OF YOU CONVICTED, CHARGED AND/OR INDICTED: Wear your best white shirt and nice tie... no, not the one with soup on it, but the nice one. Make sure you have a $400 haircut (easily affordable it if you are a good thief) and, for God's sake, sharpen up those tattoos with a magic marker if you have to. How about a little pride and nice smile? You're trying to make a good impression.

To review: Bad Mug shot

Bad mug shot

Bad mug shot

Bad mug shot... with redeeming qualities

Good mug shot
See what I mean? NOW THAT'S A MUG SHOT! Thank you, John Edwards, for setting a good example!

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