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Monday, May 14, 2012

Even more proof we humans are doomed! (scroll down to see last post and catch up on the panic.)

So, I think I made my case (scroll down to previous post) that there is a conspiracy underway to eliminate humans altogether. Today's most aggressive trend is to eliminate jockeys. Why? Because it is a dangerous profession and those who know horses say jockeys only add 10 percent to the horse's effort. Oh yeah. You want the truth? YOU WANT THE TRUTH? YOU COULDN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

None-the-less, and calmly stated--panic is the last thing we need-- more proof in the continuing saga to eliminate humans altogether (Those damn aliens!) If these secret photos don't spell the end to jockeys, I don't know what does.

Can't you just see Simba riding atop the next Derby winner?

Or Michael Jackson... so now we are using the dead against us too.
Or the Aliens themselves.
See what I mean... secret alien jockey training camp
Nah... to obvious when bears can do the job just as well.
I think I made my point.
So be on the lookout for all the ways we humans are being s-l-o-w-l-y being eliminated. Next thing you know, someone will be trying to make a car that drives itself.

Oh shit!

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