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Saturday, May 12, 2012

PROOF! "They" are trying to get rid of us... or, more calmly stated: Robots are taking over the world!

If you read Seabiscuit... or saw the movie, you know the hell some jockeys have to go through--even discounting the riding injuries or deaths--just to keep their dangerous jobs. Now a Wall Street Journal feature asks, "Do Horse Races Really Need Jockeys?" Hmm? I think there may be more to this story than meets the eye.

Don't you see what's happening here folks?

No more jockeys, huh? 

Before that, it was automated telephone answering trees that eliminated operators: "Please listen carefully as some of our menu choices have recently changed."
Then it was Watson, IBM's foray into IA (Artificial Intelligence), where machine beat man at Jeopardy. (Just between you and me, I think Alec Trebek is a robot too... or Canadian.)
So, if we don't need jockeys, don't need operators, don't need contestants...  are we humans slowly being phased out by our jealous alternative universe, aliens, or a mysterious super power? I wouldn't put it passed them. Zap! We're gone... and they (whoever "they" is) step in and enjoy our television shows, fully stocked Walmarts and all the fast food "their" (little) hearts' desire. Boy, have "they" got it good.

OK. We all know about the telephone trees and Watson on Jeopardy. Now proof positive... the elimination of human jockeys is being tested as we talk... right under our noses!

Ooops! Excuse me. Bad example.
So do you get the picture? Unless we step in and stop this RIGHT NOW, I'm afraid we are gone in the long haul... unless... UNLESS we can talk some sense into them.

Remember Space Odyssey 2001... I think we can reason with them.


Oh, yeah. I forgot.

Just when we discover that the Mayan calendar goes beyond 2012 (Whew to that!), we have to worry about those damn robots. Oh well... as my mom used to say, "Into each life a little rain must fall."

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