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Monday, May 11, 2015

Snow White wouldn't say who was her favorite... but who couldn't like Happy?


Who couldn't like Happy? Why can't we be more like him?

(Pay attention because in every Disney movie there is a lesson to be learned.)

Actually, happiness comes from the outside in. We are happy because we win the lottery or our team does well or our children get good grades or someone smiles at us or it is a nice day or we are loved. Happiness is a triggered emotion.

So why aren't we more happy more often?

Sadly, we live in a world where 24-hour news is the norm and happiness is not news. Bad weather, war, discord, murder, mayhem, car crashes, fire, politics,  Sofia Vergara's eggs and everything else that boosts TV and social network ratings... now that's news... and it is ever-present.

We now have 24/7 politics and nothing has divided us more. With our next general election more than a-year-and-a-half away, we already have seven announced-for-president candidates actively campaigning with more to come... and the closer we get to an actual election day, the more the campaigns will tell us why the other person is bad. We elect not on merit for one but out of disgust or political affiliation for the other. And when our candidates get elected their biggest focus is to seek re-election... as soon as possible. 

And we are nasty. We don't just disagree anymore, we get angry. We rant. We rave. We hate. We have lost any sense of win-win.

Just where would Snow White be today if her seven dwarfs acted like we do?

Pop Quiz: You know Happy. Bet you can't name the other six.

Well, Doc is obviously Snow White's senior adviser... the grizzled old sage that carries the lantern of truth.

Grumpy is the eternal pessimist who has been around the block and sees where danger lies. It lies everywhere when you have an Evil Queen who can turn herself into any number of bad characters. No doubt about that.

Sleepy is the group's adviser of boredom... like the canary in a coal mine. If Snow White sees Sleepy alert, something is dangerously wrong.

Bashful is Snow's comfort level gauge. If Bashful is uncomfortable, everyone should be uncomfortable for some good reason. Bashful and Sleepy work in the same office.

Sneezy isn't allergic to pollen but his nose is at once alert if there is a bad apple in the bunch.

Dopey is the comic relief that every group needs. To laugh is to live more fully.

Happy is the external trigger to Snow White's joy of belonging.  He is her chief of lightheartedness.

Hi ho, hi ho, are we missing the lesson to know? There is danger in the world (a.k.a. the Evil Queen/old hag). But there is good to be had if we know how to focus our thoughts and balance our stance, count our blessings, whistle while we work and sing a happy song. Every bumper sticker in the seven dwarfs forest reads SNOW KNOWS.

I want one of those bumper stickers.

Disclaimer: If my analogy of Snow White to the United States is taken as an endorsement for a woman President, you are right. We SHOULD also have women presidents because they are fully half of our resource. But if you think I am referring to our next President, then change the name of the analogy to Snow Jenner and I think that will satisfy every interest.

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