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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Drive safe. Be safe...

... and have a wonderful new year. 

Here's the deal: New president... thank God. Renewed spirit, New springtime. Still, and always, land of greatest opportunity and freedom, etc. 

Just want to say, Happy New Year! (Someone said --oh yeah...that great philosopher, Owen Wilson in Marley and Me... that if you use an exclamation point, it is like laughing at your own joke. So maybe I'd better say good-by to last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -with strong emphasis on the exclamation points.)

We still only have two or three wars, depending on which day you count, economic problems up the Wazoo (think that is the name of a river in Mississippi), too few jobs to go around, foreclosures and fiveclosures, mixed opportunities, health care problems, global warming, etc... but we have an ace in the hole...

HOPE (no exclamation point).

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