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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Perfect Christmas Gifts

Tom had beautiful long hair, blond and to his shoulders--Prince Valiant style, that he was so proud of. And his wife, Mary, had this incredible purse watch accurate to the hundredths of a second, that was her most treasured possession. They both desperately wanted to get the other something very special for Christmas but they were poor as church mice.

Then, as if the Christmas angel had touched their hearts at the same exact moment with her wand, they each had a grand idea... and off they went to do their 'secret' gift stuff.

That Christmas eve, they wrapped their gifts for one another in the most beautiful paper they could find. Then, by the light of their tiny fireplace, Mary asked Tom why he kept his hat on... and Tom asked Mary what time it was... but each quickly changed the subject. They blissfully held hands and with the warm glow of the fire and their deep love for each other reflecting in their eyes, they exchanged gifts.

It was a wonder to behold. As they opened each others' gifts, they exchanged smiles, then hugs as they collapsed on each other crying tears of joy. Holding their gifts, they reflected on the deeper meaning. There, almost identical, were two hearts made from red construction paper with dried macaroni glued to it, spelling the words: "I wov u snookie wookie."

As for the hair and the pocket watch, are you out of our mind. Those things really mean something to them.

Sorry. Christmas truely is deeper than that... but I couldn't resist the urge. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good year.

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