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Friday, December 12, 2008

Full Moon Tonight...

In fact, it is the brightest full moon we will see til 2016, because in its elliptical path as it coordinates with earth's revolution around the sun, it is nearer than anytime since 1993. (Raise your hand if you remember that.)

It is noticeably larger... and absolutely brilliant!

On average, the moon is a mere 238,856 miles, 1672.7 yards away (center to center). It takes the moon's reflective light 1.2 seconds to reach us. Tonight, that very same moon is only 221,559 miles away. (Sounds like a sale, doesn't it?)

This brings to my mind, the unscientifically proven moon madness theory which emergency room doctors, bartenders, police officers and nursing home attendants will swear to be true. A full moon is said by many to induce all kinds of crazy behavior with predictable results... the height of agitation to say the least.

I am just back from visiting my mom in a nursing home. Last night, it was chaotic. The 16 people in her wing were bouncing off the walls. The meek were bold. The sitters were wanderers. The silent were talking like they were being interviewed. Gratefully though, no werewolves. Nurses and attendants know without looking that the moon is full. Happens every time, they say.

As I say, it's nuts out there... and a little magnificent too.

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