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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukah to all

When you stop to count your blessings, there aren't enough fingers and toes to even come close. Christmas season creates the mood to reflect in a way ordinary days too often don't.

So, thank you God for all we have...especially our loves: those we love, those who love us and the love that we share with our fellow man.

Help and blessings, please, to those who have needs, great and small. Special attention please to those who have greater needs of all kinds. You, God, know who they are in all of the world.

Help and bless those who hate, who seek revenge, who have hardened hearts and minds, who abuse power and trust, who victimize... may you allow them all one step closer to humankind.

Grant hope, faith in goodness if not in God, love and peace to all.

Thank you for all... and not insignificant, the blessing of allowing us to laugh at ourselves from time to time. It's nuts out there, but it's all we have on this earth. So thank you for all the important stuff... and the perspective to know what is and what isn't.

With love, Jerry

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