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Friday, January 30, 2009

OUTRAGE! Same old, same old

OUTRAGE #1: Merrill Lynch lost $15.3 billion in the 4th quarter of last year. Bank of America lost $1.79 billion in the 4th quarter. They loose so much in 2008 that they get a gold star for helping take our economy down. They merge and get a combined total of $1 bazillion billion (rough estimate) taxpayer provided bail-out money.

So it just stands to reason that their bonus pool for last year is capped at only $6 billion. Why? Because, says the former CEO, if you don't pay bonuses, you risk loosing all the great talent that produced the spectacular 2008 multi-billion dollar loss.

Gee. I guess I'm grateful that jobless America has the privilege of helping these poor employees hold on to what meager existence they may have.

OUTRAGE #2: Illinois ex-governor, Rod Bagojevich... 'nuff said.

OUTRAGE#3: Even in an $800 billion-plus bail-out bill, we have pork. Crap. I'm not saying some of the need might be justified... I won't go there. I naively thought this bail-out was to keep some industries and 'engines of the economy' afloat, and produce more jobs and opportunities for the near future. I don't want politics to be "slipping something in when no one is looking... especially now. When I buy something, I want to know what I am buying. And I am buying all the government spends. This bill, more than all others, should have been free of pork.

OUTRAGE#4: There are too many more outrages and I'm tired of being outraged for the moment!

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