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Monday, January 5, 2009

Sure, pants can be expensive...but $54 million?

In the news, an appeals court rejected a request for a new trial from a former DC judge against his dry cleaners after an earlier court decision ruled against him. Former judge Roy Pearson says Custom Cleaners did not live up to its motto: "Satisfaction Guaranteed," when the cleaner lost his pants. So, as is an American rite and custom, he sued them... for $54 million. Court said Pearson failed to prove advertising fraud in the loss of his now, very expensive pants, no doubt made out of real gold lame'. Hey, don't laugh. Maybe they were his favorites.

That should be funny but it isn't. The owner of Custom Cleaners sold his shop, claiming loss of revenue and emotional strain.

Didn't I tell you... It's nuts out there.

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