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Thursday, July 8, 2010

More crash blossoms

What is a crash blossom? A mis-written or misunderstood headline that, when read one way, gives an entirely wrong--but often, funny-- impression of what the story is all about. The term comes from a headline following an aircraft crash. It read, "Violinist Linked to JAL Crash Blossoms.” See what I mean? Today's crash blossoms:
  • "Beauty Queen Unveils Bust at Dedication Ceremony"
  • "Dismemberment Killer Convicted: Thank God Jury Could Put Pieces Together"
  • "Reagan To Have Tissue Removed From Nose"
  • "Robber Holds Up Albert's Hosiery"
  • Study: Those Without Insurance Die More Often"
  • "Tick-Borne Illness Known to Affect Dogs Found In Humans"
  • "Legislator Wants Tougher Death Penalty"
  • "Voter Fears Alert Politicians"
  • "Defendant's Speech Ends In Long Sentence"
  • "Two Soviet Ships Collide, One Dies"
  • "Lung Cancer in Women Mushrooms"
  • "Washington County Sheriff's Deputy Shoots, Kills Man With knife"
  • "NV Senator Leaves Message to Rape Victim's Sister"
And check out these want ads. Who says only professional people get to have fun:

    For more of this silly stuff, see my blog post of April 23, 2010 and have more fun.

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