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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On the 2,000th (+/-) anniversary of The Last Supper

             ...did you ever wonder what they ate?

While the three gospels that write about it mention only bread and wine, and author Dan Brown mentions women (Mary Magdeline), no one talks about song (Gregorian chants, Lord). Back to the food... Over the years, 52 of the most famous depictions (including Leonardo daVinci's) show the size of the meal increasing, and no, it is not a loaves and fishes miracle thing.

The plates are bigger. The main course portions (depicted variously as fish, lamp, pork and eel) grew larger in paintings over time. Today, they are shown super-sized (wonder where that come from), a whopping 69% larger. These are the findings as reported in the International Journal of Obesity, of all places.

It is speculated that the depiction of food just grew larger with the more plentiful times, reflecting how much we ate. So perhaps that is why so many of us in first world countries are obese. Super-size it and they will come.

Oh... lest I forget, thank you God! I am truly grateful.

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