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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Two leprechauns walk into a bank...

... and say in an adorable thick Irish brogue, "Well sure and by golly, this is a hold up." And police shot them dead. Now if that doesn't put a damper on the wearin' o' the green, I don't know what will.

Actually, that's a true story... but one thing I don't understand... wasn't the pot of gold they put at the end of every rainbow enough?

Just saw the second largest St. Patrick's Day parade in the United States. First, of course, is New York. But Savannah, Georgia the second? Really. Savannah only has a population of 200,000 but there were an estimated 400,000 watching. Actually, 400,002 counting my wife and I.

The parade featured 330 units from all over the country and lasted three-plus hours. It had Irish marchers, Irish dancers and Irish kissers, which is a big custom in this parade. Girls line the route and lay on the lipstick, then when some particularly handsome, or fun looking marchers come by, they rush out and plant a big, indelible kiss on the cheek. As for the marchers, some smile, some, like the Marine Corps units, don't even break step, but all march on as marked men. Fun time, even if the weather didn't exactly smile. My take on all of that... there are sure a lot more Irish in Savannah than I would have guessed.... And really, do the men wear anything under those kilts? It was cold and drafty and all I could think about was 'shrinkage."

So that explains why no post in a week. Ok... I'm ready again.

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  1. Jerry--Google "Donald Where's Your Trousers" but it's pronounced "troosers". Mark sings an awesome rendition of it...learned it living abroad.