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Monday, March 2, 2009

And if the world wasn't crazy enough already...

In Colorado, a man rushing to the assistance of two women caught in an intersection's busy cross traffic, was hit by a car. While in intensive care with internal injuries, our heroic rescuer was also hit with a $22 jaywalking ticket. Police say "We understand (he) was doing something with great intentions, but it was still dangerous for anyone to be in the road." I guess 1) the women aren't that important, or 2) Colorado must really need the money.

Ireland traffic police have been told to stop writing tickets against a mysterious Polish immigrant, Prawo Jazdy who has already accumulated 50 unpaid tickets. Authorities just learned that Prawo Jazdy is actually not a man's name. It is the name of the document. Prawo Jazdy is Polish for 'driver's license.'

Linda Wolfe, 68, just got married... for the 24th time. While she can't seem to stay married, she says she is still "addicted to romance." Who says her wedding dress just sits in a box in the closet? Well Linda, here's to number 24. May it last forever... or not.

News flash: Hitler was a slob at the table (among other things). According to a just-released British intelligence document, Hitler ate too fast, gorged on cakes, bit his nails during meals and ignored conversations around him. Yeah. I suppose I can see that.

And finally, can you spell Puthukkudlyiruppa? OK, so you cheated. Pthkkdlyrpp, as I prefer to shorten it, is a city in Sri Lanka... and the hang-out of a terrorist group. Who didn't know that?

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