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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A cynic's quote for the day

"This is the age of irresponsibility. There are moments when it seems as though every figure who waltzes across the public stage is a cheat, a fraud, a liar, or a failure. Child abuse scandals have tarnished the image of Catholic bishops and priests. Steroid scandals have racked Major League Baseball, the Tour de France and the Olympic Games. As the men who brought the financial system to the brink of collapse were cashing in and remodeling their offices, the executives and union officials who bankrupted the American automobile industry were begging the public sector to give them aid. On any given day, any public figure might be arrested, assaulted, admit to infidelity, go bankrupt, or break down emotionally in front of television cameras. There are no consequences." Matthew Continetti, The Weekly Standard

Whoops. Michael forgot the public officials who don't pay all their taxes and the indicted figures who still roam free and 'suffer' horrible house arrest while reportedly secreting millions for their 'after life', not unlike the old Egyptian kings and Bernie Madoff.

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