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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Color of the day

Police had little problem tracking down one shoplifter recently. He wore a yellow shirt with a yellow tie and yellow pants with matching yellow shoes and socks. He 'lifted' a big box of yellow candy Easter eggs, yellow mustard and yellow cheese and, oh yes, three extra pair of yellow socks and two pair of yellow underpants. Hmmm! The man seems to have a bigger problem than shoplifting. Hope Ronald McDonald has a good alibi.

Another 'brilliant criminal mind' asked the convenience store clerk to "hand over all the money in the cash register." As the clerk anxiously spun around to comply, she accidentally hit the cash register and knocked it on the crooks' toe. End of caper. End of toe.

Hard to beat the hijackers of a large truck, though. While they didn't know what was in the truck, they soon learned they had cornered the market in toilet seats and bed pans.

But wait. One more... the New Jersey women who was caught shoplifting $227 worth of razor blades and two tubes of hemorrhoid medication. I really don't want to know what that was all about.

Hey, I told you... It's nuts out there.

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  1. The guy in yellow isn't Ronald McDonald -- it's the fellow that hangs around with Curious George. ;)