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Friday, March 20, 2009

I guess I could manage on $50,000/week... though it would be difficult

But Marie Douglas-David says she can't. She is asking ex-husband-to-be, George David, for at least $53,000/week in her divorce settlement just to 'get by.' That tightwad, George David, worth about $329 million, thinks she should be able to live on $43 million. Marie simply can't do it.

Hey Marie... I know the feeling. You got your Park Avenue apartment, three residences in Sweden, $700/month for the limo service, $4,500/month for clothes, $1,000/month for hair and skin treatments, $1,500/month for food and entertainment and $8,000/month for travel. I see absolutely no fat in that at all. In fact, I think you forgot the $2,000/month for lattes.

I, like you, have taken a few minor steps to cope. I have secured a second mortgage on our small house, cut down on the limos... by quite a bit, darn my own socks and cut my own hair (what's left of it) and bike or skateboard wherever I can. See... workable.

Oh, not to ignore the bigger issues, at your rate of spending, you would go through $43 million in just 16 years... sooner if you invested it with Bernie Madoff. For me, my financial plan still works. I just tweeked my expire date to match when my money does. So if you don't see a new post for a long, long time, you'll know it's working!

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